Wedge (Space Saver) Cogged V-Belts


  • Since these narrow cross sections can transmit up to three times the horse power of classical cross sections in the same amount of drive space, these belts are well suitable for all high power industrial applications particularly where space, weight and horse power capacity are critical.

Wrapped V Belts Diagram 2


Due to it’s composite multipurpose construction these belts resist oils, heat, ozone, sunlight, weather and aging. Hence can be used in all open drives. Wedge raw edge cogged V-Belts features large friction coefficient, small friction loss, high transmission efficiency, long service life, etc. They can adsorb transmission vibration noises and the fatigue endurance reaches over 100000000 times.


Products and Specifications

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Product TypeTop WidthHeightAngleSize (inches)Size (mm)Factory Mark 
3VX(9N)9.5840°20"-200"508-5080LaInquire Now!
5VX(15N)1613.540°30"-200"762-5080LaInquire Now!
XPZ10840°20"-200"508-5080LaInquire Now!
XPA131040°20"-200"508-5080LaInquire Now!
XPB171440°30"-200"762-5080LaInquire Now!
XPC221840°30"-200"762-5080LaInquire Now!


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