Agriculture V-Belts


  • Used in all types of agricultural machinery and equipments such as Harvester, Rice huller, Bailer, Loaders, Hedge cutter, Reaper, Brush cutter and Tiller etc.

Agricultural V Belts Diagram


1Exclusive blend of cotton/synthetic fiber to withstand the wedge action of belts without slippage, poly chloroprene treatment ensures resistance to oil and heat and protects the belts from static hazards, ozone, sunlight, weathering and environmental condition.
2Premium quality, high load bearing capacity, low stretch, high tenacity – tough polyester cords are specially vulcanised with multi layers of tier cords as one solid unit providing high strength, low elongation, greater flex – life, enabling resistance to bending fatigue.
3The rubber used in the specially designed cushion compound provides excelent adhesion with polyester cord and cover fabric base compound. Holds the tension member in the correct position at all times. Helps to withstand shock load and flexibility of belts, when passing over the pulleys. Insulates the cords to minimize internal heat build-up due to friction.
4The rubber compression section permits the belt to flex around pulley and expand sideways to grip the pulley grooves. Holds the normal cross section of the belts and is compounded to resist fatigue and heat for longer service.

Products and Specifications

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Product TypeTop WidthPitch WidthHeightAngleLength ConversionSize (inches)Size (mm)Factory Mark 
HI25.423.612.740°Li=La-8039" - 79"1000 - 2000LiInquire Now!
HJ31.829.615.140°Li=La-9555" - 118"1400 - 3000LiInquire Now!
HK38.135.517.540°Li=La-11063" - 118"1600 - 3000LiInquire Now!
HL44.541.419.840°Li=La-12479" - 157"2000 - 4000LiInquire Now!
HM50.847.322.240°Li=La-13979" - 197"2000 - 5000LiInquire Now!


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