Banded V-Belt


  • For multiple V-belts drives exposed to pulsating or sheave shock loads, to avoid the belt from turnover or jump of the drive.
  • Specially used for textile drying machines.

Banded Classical V-Belt Diagram


The belt prevents abrasion caused by length
differences among v-shaped
Belt used on pulley. It can adjust the hold
based on the need.

1The Top fabric assures high lateral rigidity, guiding the belt in a straight line.
2The tensile members are strongly bonded to the body of the belt resulting in equal load distribution and absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.
3The bottom compression rubber provides proper cord support and full contact with the sheave – groove for equal loading and uniform ware and prevents the belt from coming off the drive.

Products and Specifications

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Product TypeTop WidthPitch WidthHeightAngleLength ConversionSize (inches)Size (mm)Factory Mark 
AJ13.615.610.040°Li=La-6347" - 197"1200 - 5000LiInquire Now!
BJ17.019.013.040°Li=La-8247" - 394"1200 - 10000LiInquire Now!
CJ22.425.516.040°Li=La-10071" - 394"1800 - 10000LiInquire Now!
DJ32.837.021.540°Li=La-135177" - 590"4500 - 15000LiInquire Now!
3V9.710.39.740°La=Li+6347"-197"1200-5000LaInquire Now!
5V15.717.515.740°La=Li+9857"-394"1200-10000LaInquire Now!
8V25.428.625.440°La=Li+157118"-590"3000-15000LaInquire Now!
SPZ10.5-10.040°La=Li+6359"-197"1500-5000LaInquire Now!
SPA13.6-12.340°La=Li+7847"-197"1200-5000LaInquire Now!
SPB17.0-16.540°La=Li+10563"-394"1600-10000LaInquire Now!
SPC22.0-21.040°La=Li+132118"-492"3000-12500LaInquire Now!


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