Poly Rib V-Belt


  • Used for multiple shaft large power high speed systems. Poly Rib belts are divided into industrial and automotive applications. Poly Rib Belts with PH, PJ, EL and PM models are used in industrial applications and the PK model is used in automotive engines.
  • Also well suited for applications such as appliances, out-door power equipments, roller conveyors, machine tools, medical equipment and exercise equipment.

V-ribbed belt have wide top width and thin thickness, providing consistent tension while driving by connecting in each rib. Poly Rib Belts incorporate the benefits of flat transmission belts and banded V-Belts with small bending stress and low stress loss, high transmission efficiency.

Poly Rib V-Belt Diagram


  • The wide width and thin height provide excellent flexibility.
  • High power transmission under operational conditions of high-speed rotation, reverse bending and a small diameter pulley.
  • Maintains consistent tension during operation for cords of high modulus and low shrinkage.
  • Excellent in resistance against heat, oil and wear.
  • Enhances power transmission efficiency by reducing slip during operation.

Construction Functions Materials
1 Top fabric Protects internal tension member Cotton / Synthetic fabric
2 Adhesion rubber Supports and protects adhesiveness of tension member CR, EPDM
3 Tension Member Primary material for transferring power Polyester, Nylon
4 Compression rubber Maintains belt shape and enhances side pressure CR, EPDM
CR : Chloroprene Rubber / EPDM : Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer


Products and Specifications

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Product TypePb(MIN)(MAX)HeightAngleSize (inches)Size (mm)Factory Mark 
PH1.600.300.152.8~3.040°//LeInquire Now!
PJ2.340.400.203.7~4.140°13" - 120"330" - 3048"LeInquire Now!
PK3.560.500.254.2~4.540°22" - 120"559" - 3048"LeInquire Now!
PL4.700.40.406.8~7.240°50" - 160"1270" - 4064"LeInquire Now!
PM9.400.750.7515.5~1640°100" - 160"2540" - 4064"LeInquire Now!

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