Industrial STD Timing Belt

Industrial Timing Belts incorporate the merits of belt transmission, chain transmission and gear transmission, offering accurate and smooth transmission, low noises, no slippage and very small friction losses. These belts transmit high transmission power and speed ratio is up to 10 with the transmission limiting velocity reaching 50 meters per second. These belts are resistant to oil and moisture, they do not need lubrication and are applicable to multi-shaft transmission.



  • Solves potential problems caused by using a conventional metal chain such as :

~No decrease in horsepower at high-speed
~Easily designed to span the distance between the drive pulleys and maintain constant tension.

  • Prevents belt elasticity by using glass fibers for the tension member.
  • Excellent in resistance against heat, oil and wear.
  • Guarantees high-power transmission efficiency under driving conditions of
    high-speed and severe temperature fluctuation.
  • Shows stable performance at high-speed rotation.

Construction Functions Materials
1 Rear Rubber Protects tension member CR, HNBR
2 Tension member Primary material for transferring power Glass Fiber
3 Teeth rubber Protects tension member, maintains belt shape CR, HNBR
4 Bottom fabric Maintains belt and teeth shape Nylon
CR : Chloroprene Rubber / EPDM : Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer


Products and Specifications

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Product TypePitchThicknessSize (mm) 
2M21.3698 - 1224Inquire Now!
3M32.460 - 3390Inquire Now!
5M53.8180 - 7000Inquire Now!
8M86184 - 7600Inquire Now!
14M1410966 - 7560Inquire Now!
20M2013.22000 - 6600Inquire Now!


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