Classical Raw Edged Cogged V-Belt


  • Suitable for all industrial applications, particularly where space, weight and horse power capacity are critical. Due to it’s moulded teeth this belt is well suited for drives with smaller diameter sheaves.


  • Excellent durability and flexibility in driving.
  • Specially designed cords enhance durability and length stability.
  • Excellent in resistance against heat, oil and wear.
  • High power transmission efficiency.
  • Can be used on small pulleys.
  • No decrease in performance during high speed rotation

Construction Functions Materials
1 Top fabric Protects internal tension member Cotton / Synthetic fabric
2 Tension member Primary material for transferring power Polyester, Aramid
3 Compression rubber Maintains sectional shape by side pressure Fiber loaded CR
4 Bottom rubber Absorbs shock and prevents cracking on compression rubber NR, CR


Products and Specifications

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Product TypeTop WidthPitch WidthHeightAngleLength ConversionSize (inches)Size (mm)Factory Mark 
ZX10.08.56.040°Li=Lw-2220" - 100"508 - 2540LiInquire Now!
AX13.011.08.040°Li=Lw-3020" - 200"508 - 5080LiInquire Now!
BX17.014.011.040°Li=Lw-4020" - 200"508 - 5080LiInquire Now!
CX22.019.014.040°Li=Lw-5830" - 200"762 - 5080LiInquire Now!


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