Classical Wrapped V-Belt


  • All industrial applications including V-Flat Drives
  • Due to it’s composite multipurpose construction these belts resist oils, heat, ozone, sunlight, weather and aging. Hence can be used in all open drives.

Wrapped V Belts Diagram 2


  • Cover bends provides support to the tensile cord and full contact with the sheave groove for uniform loading, uniform wear and thus increased belt life.
  • Specially designed cords enhance durability and length stability.
  • Excellent in resistance against heat, oil and wear.
  • Safe use is ensured by preventing static electricity.
  • Enhances power transmission efficiency by reducing slip.

Construction Functions Materials
1Cover fabric Protects the inner parts of the belt from strong abrasion on the pulley groove and protects the core of the belt from oil, dirt and heat. Cotton / Synthetic fabric
2Tension member Strongly Bonded to the body for best result in equal load distribution. Also helps in precluding bending stress. Polyester, Aramid
3Top compression rubber Top compression rubber Maintains belt shape (upper) NR, CR
4Adhesive rubber Supports and protects tension member adhesion NR, CR
5Bottom compression rubber Maintains belt shape (lower) NR, CR


Products and Specifications

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Product TypeTop WidthPitch WidthHeightAngleLength ConversionSize (inches)Size (mm)Factory Mark 
Z108.5640°Li=Lw-2213" - 120"330 - 3048LiInquire Now!
A1311.0840°Li=Lw-3014" - 394"356 - 10008LiInquire Now!
AB1512.5940°Li=Lw-3547" - 394"1194 - 10008LiInquire Now!
B1714.01140°Li=Lw-4019" - 600"483 - 15240LiInquire Now!
BC2017.012.540°Li=Lw-4847" - 394"1194 - 10008LiInquire Now!
C2219.01440°Li=Lw-5829" - 600"737 - 15240LiInquire Now!
CD2521.01640°Li=Lw-6147" - 394"1194 - 10008LiInquire Now!
D3227.01940°Li=Lw-7580" - 600"2032 - 15240LiInquire Now!
E3832.02340°Li=Lw-80118" - 600"2997 - 15240LiInquire Now!
F5042.53040°Li=Lw-120177" - 600"4500 - 15240LiInquire Now!


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