Agriculture Cogged V-Belt


  • Used in all types of agricultural machinery and equipments such as Harvester, Rice huller, Bailer, Loaders, Hedge cutter, Reaper, Brush cutter and Tiller etc.


Highly flexible and thus suitable for conditions requiring high flexibility and a small pulley diameter.
Construction Functions Materials
1 Top fabric Rubber Impregnated Top Fabric resists wear, oil and heat with excellent flexibility, providing longer service life. Helps to reduce heat build-up and prevent cracking. Protects the belt from static hazards, ozone, sunlight, weathering and environmental conditions. Cotton / Synthetic fabric
2 Tension member Specially treated low stretch and high strength polyester cable cords vulcanized with multi layers of tier cords that provide great resistance to bending fatigue and stability of belt length. Engineered to withstand repeated shock loads and carry high horse power loads without stretching. Polyester, Aramid
3 Compression rubber Specially compounded rubber with fibers that keep stability of the normal cross section of the belt on the pulleys, provides longer service life and protects/stabilizes tensile cord. Fiber loaded CR
4 Bottom rubber Moulded notch design with extra bottom fabric – Increases extra flexibility, holds the normal cross section of the belts and is compounded to resist fatigue and heat for longer service. NR, CR


Products and Specifications

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Product TypeTop WidthPitch WidthHeightAngleLength ConversionSize (inches)Size (mm)Factory Mark 
HI25.423.612.740°Li=La-8039" - 79"1000 - 2000LiInquire Now!
HJ31.829.615.140°Li=La-9555" - 118"1400 - 3000LiInquire Now!
HK38.135.517.540°Li=La-11063" - 118"1600 - 3000LiInquire Now!
HL44.541.419.840°Li=La-12479" - 157"2000 - 4000LiInquire Now!
HM50.847.322.240°Li=La-13979" - 197"2000 - 5000LiInquire Now!


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