Double V-Belts


  • For all industrial serpentine applications requiring reversal rotation in drive shafts.
  • Specially used for textile drying machines.


  • Belt that enable power transmission on multiple axis by joining two general V-belt by their upper part.
  • These belts have a unique deep grove ‘Double V’ section designs.

Products and Specifications

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Product TypeTop WidthHeightAngleLength ConversionSize (inches)Size (mm)Factory Mark 
HAA13.010.040°Li=La-6338" - 197"965 - 5000LiInquire Now!
HBB17.013.040°Li=La-8239" - 197"1000 - 5000LiInquire Now!
HCC22.017.040°Li=La-10783" - 315"2100 - 8000LiInquire Now!


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